Side/ Daytrip to Grand Tower, Inspiration Point, Pine Hills, Mississippi River beach.

To get to Inspiration point and all the other scenic overlooks on the bluffs, take Highway 3 South past Grand Tower to State Forest Road on the left. (Just on south end of Wolf Lake community) then take the Pine Hills road to the left (Pine Hills Campground has toilets by the way and a nice picnic area but save the picnic for the overlooks). This is a winding road climbing up to the top of the bluffs. It is a nice gravel road. The overlooks just keep getting better as you go, and the bluffs curve slightly so the scenery changes. Inspiration point itself is great, but comes out right on the edge of the bluff so keep any kidlets under strict control. if you have any wandering kids, it would probably be better to just stop at the other mowed wide roadside viewing points. There is a trail to what probably used to be a great view but the trees have grown up in front of it and you have to stand on a rotten old bench to get a view after the walk. I’ll not say any walk in the woods isn’t worth it, but the next place to pull over has a better view. I have 2 sets of photos, One was with my wife and we did grand Tower and the beach at the Mississippi as well (very nice beach). And the other was a Hike Starting at the Clearwater Wilderness trail head. That was a foggy October morning that couldn’t have looked better. Took me awhile to get on the trail with those views. The road at the bottom of the bluffs where Pine Hills roads ends is closed for snake migrations to & from the Mississippi and the bluffs every Spring & Fall at certain times. The Pine Hills road is always open though.  I never saw a reptile or amphibian on my Fall hike, but I didn’t go past the Clear Springs trailhead on Pine Hills road that time.

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