Side / Day trip to Trigg Tower.

One of the last of the old fire towers in the Shawnee. It has a brown sign leading people to it off 147. Take Trigg Tower Road or Rushing Road (they intersect just a couple hundred feet below it)  The tower is a 40 ft fire tower made obsolete back in the 60’s and left as an attraction. There were several along the R2R trail at one time. You walk a few flights of stairs to the platform at the top. There is a 180 degree view above the treetops and you can see to Kentucky to the South, and probably Missouri to the west if the day is particularly clear. It’s worth a visit.1 2 3tripbirth 027 tripbirth 029 tripbirth 030 tripbirth 035

I don’t think I ever got my wife to go all the way to the top.

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