T Shirt Ideas? Would anyone be interested? Not even to improve the trail?

I was thinking of seeing if people would be interested in buying t shirts with the R2R logo? The trail is in very sad shape in a couple of places and apparently there is not enough interest to get volunteers to clear it. I am seriously considering trying to tackle a couple of areas and also adding blazes to the areas that have been unblazed for way too long myself out of frustration.

If we let it continue to slide we will end up with sections that are unhikeable as parts are becoming.


If we could get some type of R2R logo out there in the public more, we could increase awareness of the trails existence and clearing and maintaining the trail would go a long way towards increasing its use, which would bring back some untraveled sections like the disused areas between Rt 51 & Makanda. “The Use it or Lose it” saying is true.


Ok, if you were wanting a River to River t shirt from me they are here! They are a Gildan Heavy cotton t shirt. Here are the reviews


I washed one in an XL dried it in the dryer, and tried it on for awhile. It fits about like any other XL and seems to be longer than some which is a good thing with my long torso. I tried on an unwashed L which I’m actually sized in between but depending on my diet is what I usually have been buying and it fit fine too.
The logo looks fine and is a cut vinyl application which is what all 3 t shirt companies I contacted were using.
These t shirts have a tear away label made to come off with no damage. So I tore it off and no damage. Very comfortable for those of us with sensitive necks.
I have 2 child L, In adults I have 2 S , 3 medium long sleeves, 2 M, 6 L, 5XL. the cost is $10 a shirt which is my cost plus $4 shipping. (also my cost) the long sleeved t shirts are $4 more.
If you would like a shirt to help promote this great trail, email me your shipping address and size and I’ll get you my Paypal address, or shipping address for those who need to send a slower form of payment and get these out to you. edselboy60@hotmail.com
Note: The photo model was some out of shape 60yo but he works cheap. it will look better on you.

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Note: I ordered 21 in order to get a discount. any ordered individually after these run out will be $2 each higher, so if you are interested in these get them while they are cheaper!





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