Helpful Websites

A familiar sounding page, River to River-Illinois Facebook page  Lots of great info. I’m a member, you don’t have to be one to read posts. My Facebook page River to River isn’t the same one. Better attended than my signpost page for this website.



A facebook page that has a lot of info. You do have to join to post. Midwest Adventures


The River to River Society facebook page. They do the trail maintenance and sell the 4th edition guidebook. Any big concerns, contact them. You do have to be a member to post.




http://www.fs.usda.gov/Shawnee   Shawnee National Forest Website

http://shawneefriends.org/2014-hiking-and-equestrian-trail-map-request-forms/  Probably the best East half map available

http://tauspotting.com/river-to-river-trail/  Probably my favorite R2R through hike diary, done in June! (Ouch)

http://www.neckers.siu.edu/king/sitrails.htm  Nature trails in Southern IL.

http://r2rtrek.blogspot.com/ Good info. for the part of the trail he covered.

These are what I have in my favorites list. If you have a link to a helpful blog, I’ll be happy to post it.

There are some posts about the River to River Trail on the Appalachian Trail website WhiteBlaze.com with some great general trail info. to boot. http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/forum.php

A map of interesting hikes in Southern IL and surrounding areas. A lot of interesting hikes in the Shawnee I haven’t heard of.






4 thoughts on “Helpful Websites

  1. deb

    Thanks for posting all the wonderful information, I have really enjoyed the photos, thank you for sharing your passion. I am unable to determine how long ago you shared these posts, are you still interested in improving the trails and getting people involved to help you out? If you could please reply via email that would be great.

    1. Scott Post author

      I don’t generally do emails, just reply here. The website gets checked daily and updated when something interesting gets my attention or I make a trip down there. I was busy the last two weeks but I should have some time to get back down there next week, (wish it wasn’t going to be so hot)
      Going to do a 2 day hike back up and down from the High knob campground or Camp Cadiz to Elizabethtown one way to mark the trail with ribbons the other to remove the ribbons and blaze. Won’t be a lot of fun, but it will be in the woods.
      Next week will just be blazing from Alto Pass East.

  2. Jake K

    In doing my research I came along another site you might find interesting. improbablebutpossible.com/rivertorivertrail/. I have also read some stuff on Trailjournals.com about the R2R

  3. David Petty

    Scott, really enjoy your blog. A group of men from my church are thinking about doing a day, night, day hike on the R2R sometime this year. I would appreciate your input for us. I’m guessing 8 – 10 men. Most with very little hiking experience. I have done some short day hikes my self but no overnight ones. Probably thinking later this fall. We are from central IL. Effingham.

    Thanks. David Petty.

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