Trail bad spots. Where you need a machete and high waders.

I have a trail maintenance page but I’m going to list what I remember as the most overgrown areas to give you a heads up. The trail from Elizabethtown to High Knob is partially overgrown and nearly unmarked in 2 places above the Iron Furnace area. The actual areas are narrow and close to roads so maybe the roads would be a better way of traveling these fairly short areas. There doesn’t seem to have been ANY traffic in the areas and I lost and didn’t regain the trail in the large open field area until I crossed the creek at the blaze on the south side

4 thoughts on “Trail bad spots. Where you need a machete and high waders.

  1. Chris

    I walked this leg of the trail last September. Being a native of Hardin County I wasn’t too worried About getting lost but there were a few areas of the trail that were very hard to follow. Near Iron Furnace I came upon a man with a dog and a rifle on his shoulder. Turned out he was very nice but made for a funny story to tell my wife.

  2. Sarah

    Just finished hiking tripfrom battery rock to high knob today.

    We took lots of notes as the book we were working off of was printed in 1998.
    The area from Rock creek to the field was manageable. But the section after the field was rediculous. Bush wacking doesn’t describe the level of maintenance this part of the trail needs. The brush was so overgrown that it looked like something out of a movie. The area from the the road after this area was to Harris Creek was wonderful. After Harris Creek it was long and uphill.

    To find the trail head once we reach camp Cadiz we had to use a compass but found it very easily and entered the woods. The trail was beautiful and well maintained.

    After crossing Karbers Ridge and entering back into the woods we found a camp that had been already cleared with a fire pit and wood. Spent the night with the stream next to us.

    The trail from that creek on to high knob campground was destroyed by horse travel with mud shin deep. We had to go off trail many times which increased our travel time considerably.

  3. Alex

    Hiked from Elizabethtown to Garden of the Gods last week. Two problem areas on the ETown leg to note that we would have been completely lost at without a GPS.

    1. Roughly a mile or so after coming down out of the large field with the Kaskaskia Expiremental Forest sign and after climbing up onto a high ridge(I think it’s labeled “Pine Woods” on your map), we came across a large downed pine tree that obscures where the trail is supposed to go. You have to jog slightly to the right but without the GPS we would have had no idea.

    2. Between Cadiz Road crossing and Karber’s Ridge crossing there is a very faint trail and it is practically invisible under fallen leaves. Once we could see the road we bushwhacked the last 100 yards or so to the road, then used our GPS to find the trail again.

    I’d like to thank you for your work blazing that leg. There were multiple occasions where finding the trail could have been a lot harder. The one that springs most readily to mind was the short section hiking on Cadiz Road – if you are the one that put that blaze pointing right on the post up ahead of the turnoff, you saved our bacon. I was hiking lead and saw that as we were almost past it, then turned around and saw the older one by the road.

    1. Scott Post author

      The faint jog to the right North of the pine woods is actually the old trail I think. It has been rerouted to the west where I put the red dots. When it crosses the creek just north of there SOUTHBOUND it used to go straight across and continue north through the field and get to the pine woods that way. It actually follows an old road now where the dots are and curves back to the pine woods. You can see the rut where it went straight across the creek easily, but going Southbound it comes up way East to the left. (Way West to the left NORTHBOUND) It is hard to describe that problem area. My blazes are the curvy I spray painted on plastic corrugated signboard. I actually through hiked the trail from Battery Rock to Grand Tower finishing last Tuesday, but because of the rain forecast I changed my starting point at the last minute and didn’t do the E’town leg.

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