Water and supply sources.

This page is under construction. I may have some of it out of order. If traveling the old route to Battery Rock, Camp Cadiz has water spigots. I haven’t been further that route.

Off the top of my head, I’ll list the water & resupply spots that are close or on the trail. (You can use a filter and get it from local creeks and whatnot, but the Forrest Service doesn’t recommend it. )

Elizabethtown of course. I’ll have to look again, but I don’t think that Iron Furnace has a water supply. I cache water between E’town & High Knob. High Knob campground has water and a small store. The Next source is Garden of the Gods, Pharoh Campground. You travel up the Garden of the Gods road to wards the parking lot then keep going to the right past the vault toilets to the campground where there is a pump well. It is an uphill hike that I haven’t personally made.

The next is Herod. The well at the Gazebo is still out of order last I knew. You need to check and see if it is available at one of the few businesses or cache some in the area if the well is still out of order.

Up the trail from there is Eddyville. The Shawneemart there is just a short walk south for resupplies. Also the Restaurant & Bar right along the trail has great food, friendly service.

Next is the Circle B trailhead area. There is a well spigot just inside the campground entrance and a small store there. Where the Trigg Tower road is crossed is a good place to cache water. No sources nearby.  Goreville Has a couple of Restaurants. Ferne Cliffe has water at the campground I think. Then is Makanda with restaurants.

The Giant City Campground has water and is just north of the trail also showers for a small fee. Giant City Lodge has great food, and water. (and a soda machine) then would be Alto Pass with water & restaurants.

I don’t think there is a source of unfiltered water the rest of the way to Devils Backbone state park at Grand Tower.

I’ll try and verify some of this and get the order right in the near future.