Current trail conditions: Updated as I learn of any new conditions or problem areas

I will post any really overgrown or closed sections here. If anyone has hiked a section recently that needs blazed or is hard to navigate, please send me a comment.

New blazes and signs going up and new maps from the Forest service! (On the “new maps!!!” page) Makanda and Alto Pass cleared recently.

7/15/17 Cleared it again, it was getting pretty bad. Alto Pass Waterworks is cleared all the way to the woods past the last field. That last field is really grown up, I hope it lasts another couple months. The Wild roses that were so hard to clear On the Rt 51- Makanda leg at Sheppard road all turned brown and died due to heat and lack of water I think. Good riddance!

5/11/17 Makanda to Rt 51 is cleared including the huge oak just West of Makanda that was overhanging the trail. CIMG2093


4/7/17 Snake road closed until May 15th to let them migrate.


3/16/17 Just got back from a Battery Rock to Grand Tower through Hike. I’ll take a couple of days making a dedicated page for it. (Page is now posted)

The current conditions are decent everywhere with the exception of the Owls Bluff reroute. I got lost taking the new detour Westbound. I’ll have to check it out in a few days to see where I went off course. There are also big doings going on at the Trigg road Trailhead. What you remember as a small parking area in a secluded spot is gone. They have filled the parking lot with piles of different sized gravel and bulldozed a lot of trees and made a new entrance. Looks like they are going to work on the sloppy trail east of there as well.

The overgrown areas West of Camp Cadiz on the old leg to Battery Rock are all cleared! The old leg is in great shape now. Ok, I have no idea what they are doing from the gravel Forest road East to the creek if you are familiar with that section. It has been bulldozed smooth about a 1/4 mile from the road at the ridge all the way down to the creek. That would be great if they put gravel on it or something. It was raining the day I walked it and it was slick as snot, pardon my French.



11/20/16 The trail is being moved in the Owl Bluff East area this Fall/Winter. Here are a side by side comparison of old & new.



10/27/16 There is a huge dead tree down over the trail just up Old Eastern Star trail road West of downtown Makanda. The Mayor says she will bring it up at the next board meeting in a week, which sounds like a dead end since it is on an unused portion of the road just past what is still in use and she says it’s probably up to the landowner whomever that is. You might be able to pass it down in the ravine or climbing above the trunk, but it is only being held on the edge of the rock  by the rotten last 6″ of the trunk and a small bent live tree, and I sure wouldn’t recommend going under it. Updated 4/7/17 tree is still hanging there. I’ll take my chainsaw when I go to clear the trails in a couple weeks and see if I can cut the tree preventing the downed tree from coming the rest of the way down. Update when it happens.

UPDATE 5/11/17 I got a longer bar for my chainsaw and cut the limbs and got them to drop into the ravine clearing a path around the tree, it is no longer an issue.






8/23/16  I blazed Iron Furnace to Elizabethtown yesterday so the Eastern half of the R2R should be good to go. The trail was in decent shape.

Makanda to Route 51 leg is cleared again

8/8/16 Alto Pass water works is cleared to the woods on the far side of the field. Take the faint path that I blazed along the north edge of the field IN THE WOODS to the waterworks road instead of the edge of the field. Updating the map tonight on that section. The field is no longer being farmed and is overgrown.


^ before




This last photo is North at the end of waterworks road facing the field. Note my two new blazes showing to turn right and follow an old faint trail in the edge of the woods instead of going into the field. Near the end of the field you cross the tip of the corner of the field, cross over to the farmers access road, go north to the second field after crossing the creek and go left immediately to the east edge of that field and follow the edge up over the hill and then into the woods through the path I cut in the tall weeds to the road trailhead, then right along the road into Alto Pass.

11/20/16 I recently visited and all the fields are cut and clear around the waterworks area at Alto Padd. Thanks whoever did it!