Battery Rock – Brown Cemetery Location Directions and list of graves

Brown Cemetery is an old Cemetery on the bluffs of the Ohio with several civil war and earlier graves. It is long abandoned. I have had requests for information since Battery Rock is close by.

I never knew exactly where it was, but I found it yesterday and took some pictures. I did a little research and found a page with the known graves listed, I’m including their link and a map with directions. It is accessible only by 4 wheelers or on foot and it is a good half mile long walk more or less. Turn Right at the fork at the trailhead following the blue “I”s and go straight South where the I’s turn towards the river. It has a very well traveled path. It was probably clear cut when active with a nice view of the Ohio river.















Those are all I took photos of Here is the list.

Brown Cemetery,
Battery Rock Precinct, Hardin County, Illinois

Stones read Jul 1979 by Wanda (Patton) Reed

Angleton Engraved on top of stone
Angleton, Josephine 1871-1894
Angleton, William 1866-1959

Ball, Hannah A. Jul 18, 1853-Dec 17, 1919

Barrett, William Feb 16, 1847 age 24y

Beard, Henrietta 1867-1869
daughter of James & R. E. Beard

Beard, James 1844-1922
Co. C. 15 Regt. Ky. Cav.

Beard, Rebecca Lewis Nov 10, 1848-May 22, 1930

Beavers, Charlotte Nov 30, 1893 age 23y 10m 2d
wife of J.B. Beavers

Brown, Hugh H. Apr 25, 1837-Jul 10, 1906

Brown, John F. died Sep rest illegible

Brown, John H. Sep 10, 1835 age 3y 10m

Brown, John Sep 10, 1825 age 46 yrs.

Brown, Jonathan Dec 15, 1841-May 10, 1863
son of J. & S. Brown

Brown, Jonathan May 10, 1807-May 6, 1875

Brown, Richard A. Aug 27, 1839-May 16, 1851
son of Jonathan & Sarah

Brown, Sarah Aug 16, 1814-Oct 15, 1893
wife of Jonathan Brown

Brown, William C. Mar 1, 1844-Oct 30, 1860
son of J & S. Brown

Burklow, May 1889-1964

Chambliss, J.G. Apr 14, 1851 ND

Chambliss, Mary Jane Aug 7, 1845-Aug 5, 1896
wife of J. G. Chambliss

Gentry, Alexander Aug 4, 1829-Nov 16, 1893
Pvt. Co. E. 31 Inf. Civil War

Gentry, James M. no dates
Pvt. Co. A. 29 Ill. Inf. Civil War

Gentry, Sarah O. Mar 12, 1852-May 14, 1918
wife of James Gentry

Gentry, Lutetia Blair Nov 27, 1833-Mar 9, 1920 obit
Married Oct 4, 1849 to Alexander Gentry
Erected by daughter Ida B. Clements on Aug 4, 1929

Hamilton, Mary Sep 14, 1839-Apr 28, 1923

Jones, Marlene Rae B&D 1939

Jones, Thelma L. 1935 1936
Jones, C.J. Jul 1940 L.A.P. no dates

Lamb, James Herbert Apr 3, 1923-Apr 9, 1923
son of Henry & Stella Lamb

Lanier, Amaziah Jan 25, 1815-Nov 14, 1875

Lanier, Asa F. Dec 16, 1848 Jan 18, 1849
son of A. & M. Lanier

Lanier, Elizabeth R. Aug 4, 1840-Oct 25, 1840
daughter of A. & M. Lanier

Lanier, Infant B&D Oct 30, 1868
daughter of A & M Lanier

Lanier, Mary May 17, 1818-Aug 25, 1864
wife of A. Lanier

Lanier, William W. Jul 29, 1843-Jul 6, 1856
son of A. & M. Lanier

Lewis, Charles May 23, 1824-Nov 11, 1866 (Mexican War)

Lewis, Infant Jun 29, 1851
daughter of Charles & Charlotte Lewis

Lewis, Robert 1852-1897

Lewis, Thomas Jul 3, 1857-Jan 19, 1926

Littrell, Etta Jul 14, 1886-Sep 1, 1951

Littrell, Baby no dates

Littrell, Henry Dec 9, 1871-Aug 27, 1931

Mason, Sarah Jun 30, 1856-Feb 25, 1890 (mother)

McConnell, A.L. Dec 28, 1873-May 15, 1903
wife of P. McConnell

McConnell, Charlotte Dec 13, 1832-Dec 12, 1917
wife of C.P. Lewis & Joseph McConnell

McConnell, Pink 1874-1961

McDowell, Lillian 1893-1918

McConnell, Richard Jun 20, 1813-Oct 28, 1875

Scroggins, Marry Ann Jul 13, 188?-Dec 10 1896

Sturgeon, Violet E. 1907-1908

Tadlock, Clarence 1888-ND

Tadlock, E. J. Jan 10, 1840-Aug 25, 1899

Tadlock, James A. Feb13, 1854-Oct 11, 1947

Tadlock, Marthey J. 1856-1917

Tadlock, Rosia F. 1889-1930

Underwood, no dates L.F.U. J.U. A.F.M. A.A.U.

Following Civil War veterans – no dates


Samuel Hamilton

Willis Shaw

Ephriam Stone

Henry Blair

Rolla Pvt. Co. A 29 Ill Inf. Civil War

Added from other sources:

Campbell, William 1833-Dec 1915 obit
Father of Martha Frances Campbell, wife of Daniel Mancel Frailey