NEW MAP PAGE!!!!!!! The new Forest Service Maps with a couple of corrections made & details added.

There were a couple of roads labeled wrong on the New Maps that I’ve corrected. These are the most current Maps available. I’ve also added some more labels on roads and features not named. The new reroutes are updated on these maps. Thanks Bill Gilmore!

Let me add that these maps wouldn’t be what they are without the contributions by the River to River Trail Society and their members hard work and cooperation with the Forest Service. I have seen what the new R2R Society Guidebook looks like so far, and I’m frankly excited to see the new features they have been working on. I don’t want to try and steal their thunder or give specific spoilers, but I will say they will have millage, condition and details I couldn’t hope to add to my maps. They will be the last word on the trail and I can’t wait to use it. My maps are the FS maps with some details added, theirs will me on a different level trust me.

The new 5 page Battery Rock leg is available here.

I will be adding features soon and reposting them. Here they are as PDF files

br1 br2 br3 br4 br5



I just added icons for where the food, Treated water, water sources untreated, campgrounds, and decent campsites (some just clearings, some with horse tie ups and fire rings).

Hey, if you have trouble printing them from my site, double click them to maximum size and save them to a file on your computer and print them from there. That’s what I had to do today. Sometimes it doesn’t work off the website.







Map 5 just updated to show new route through backpackers parking 8/18/18























For those needing them in a PDF fil here you go


nn0 copy nn1 copy nn2 copy nn3 copy nn4 copy nn5 copy nn6 copy nn7 copy nn8 copy nn9 copy nn10 copy nn11 copy nn12 copy nn13 copy nn14 copy nn15 copy nn16 copy nn17 copy nn18 copy nn19 copy nn20 copy nn21 copy nn22 copy nn23 copy nn24 copy nn25 copy nn26 copy nn27 copy nn28 copy