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A page where I will post my experiences with various pieces of hiking equipment. Just getting started. If you want to do one on one of your favorite, (or hated) pieces of equipment, send me a message.

A Review on ‘Showers Pass’ waterproof socks.

The value of waterproof socks? Aside from comfort, the #1 killer on any long hike is blisters. They kill your chances of a successful through hike. If you can keep your feet dry, your skin won’t get soft and wrinkly, and the chances are less that you will get a blister (goes my reasoning)

If $30-35 is too much to avoid that, You are either really on a tight budget, or one tough hiker.

I got septic bursitis from an infected blister last Octobers aborted through hike, and this might help avoid that. Believe it, the Dr. Bill and medicine and time off my feet were more than $35.

I thought I’d give them a try and see how they worked. They are about $30-35 on amazon, so I picked a pair of L/XL to fit my 9.5 triple wide feet and ordered them.
I read quite a few reviews on them and the complaints were very few, mostly 5 star with a few people complaining about loose fit, cold feet, moisture from sweat and water getting in from the top.
Since they just make a few sizes, I would say the complaint about loose fit was from someone needing to go down a size. They do not have a right and left. Both are the same. They are made to be a slight compression fit and though I felt a little squeezed, it was not a problem hiking at all, I only noticed it on my toes when I had my shoes off. As far as the cold feet, Nothing another pair of socks over them wouldn’t have solved if you have the room.
They claim to have a waterproof but good breathing design with 2 layers of poly socks with a waterproof breathable layer in between. You can stretch the material and see the shiny layer in between. It was single digit temps starting out but warmed to 23 or so by afternoon.
I tried using a regular hiking sock over them but the combination was too thick for my triple wide Wolverine boots. The Boots are supposedly water resistant and insulated, so I left it for the boots to keep my feet warm. (They let water in the goretex tongue really badly, but that’s another review)
As you can guess, at subfreezing temps, water was not a problem. As far as cold, my feet were comfortable all day. They may not be as warm as wool, but they were fine in these boots. After a day of hiking my feet were still dry. They weren’t damp from sweat like non breathable material would do. They fit tight on my calves as well, but not uncomfortably so. That would help in rainy or puddle conditions.
They also have an antibacterial treatment of some sort, and they actually don’t smell. One reviewer wore them 10 days straight and said they still didn’t stink to high heaven like mine usually do after two days. I’ll give them a harder test today. It’s close to the freezing point and I’ll wear them around the mucky yard with non water proof hiking shoes and a second pair of socks under them for warmth. The shoes will be soaked in 5 minutes.
(to be continued)

Well I dunked them in a puddle first thing to make sure they were squishy wet all day. I was wearing those cheap Kmart Velcro tennis shoes that make great airport security shoes, and jobs around the house. I took down the nativity scene, moved a bunch of plants back out of the house to the small building with big windows and a small space heater they normally over winter in. Then tied a car down to the car trailer to make a trip to the repair shop tomorrow. Sloppy wet and squeaking the whole time. I put the waterproof socks over a pair of cheap cotton ones for warmth, and to easily see it they got wet. The Showers pass socks were wet on the outside, and to tell the truth, in 35 degree water puddles from time to time, the sudden influx of cold water FELT like they were leaking. The did keep warming back up to a cool, but comfortable temperature for anytime I was moving. The toes did get cold when I would stop and take a break, but not too bad.

I came in expecting that they had leaked in a couple of spots, but my feet and cotton socks were completely dry. I turned the water proof socks inside out and sure enough, they felt completely dry too! Two thumbs up from me. I won’t be able to try them out in the heat until later in the year to see how they do in the heat sweat wise. Definitely taking them on the 10 day through hike in March!