Day trip to “Fist of God”

#1 in a new set of day trips I’ll be posting with maps & directions 4/21/18

I recently traveled to see Fist of God. This is an easy and short day trip. There are a lot of trails in the area, all unmarked, and I plan on returning sometime to do some more wandering. The Fist of God is a really unusual looking rock sticking out of a pool, and does look somewhat like a big fist. There is a waterfall on the rock wall behind it, and the pool drains in a creek that meanders most of a circle around the end of the box canyon it is situated in before heading West.  It is a family friendly trip but normal caution to the herders of kidlets because of the sheer cliff wall at the end they might be tempted to climb around and up to.

To get there, take 146 East from Dixon Springs to Rock Road. Take it North, then East until the weird jog where it intersects with Rock City road. At the south curve where it heads East again, find a place to park there in the graveled shoulder off the road. There is a graveled road heading South which can be mistaken for a driveway. There is no parking on it. It has a few private property signs on it making clear not to wander off on either side and a sign saying private residence ahead.


At the gate to the private residence you will see a path to the right. That is the trail. There is no trail marking, but there is a sign facing the other way saying no horses or ATV’s apparently on the gravel road you just came in on. Very soon there will be a trail coming from the North and joining yours. I don’t know where it heads to but you are on public land now. The trail curves right and left across some rolling hills and you will see the tell tail plots of daffodils letting you know where some old homesteads were. I did see one well, and there may be others so if you go off trail be aware.

You will see a nice bluff on the left. Then you will come to a creek crossing and have to go right or left on the other side. Go left (upstream).

We heard the waterfall before we got there. What a magnificent place!

On our return trip we explored around the biggest old homestead area.

Some sort of very small dwelling. Apparently people didn’t need much room in these old cabins. There was a basement though.

An old CCC outhouse with concrete base.

Well, well what have we here? Always be careful around old homesteads, they always have a well, or pond. Some old roads in the area.

Heading back to the car, parked off the curve.

Very enjoyable short trip. Maybe a mile one way, probably shorter. Because of the wide trail, this would be ideal later on when the ticks & chiggers are out. Probably pretty free of poison ivy as well.