The old River to River Trail sections. Also the legendary junk car bluffs of Hutchins Creek

  This is actually a deceiving name to some trips I just started making. The first of a few hikes I’m going to do to find the lost legs of the River to River Trail.

This is the first one I did 6/22/18

I did something today I had been meaning to do when I got a little time.
I’ve been meaning to retrace some of the old R2R trail that has been moved just to see what the original trail went through and what sights they saw that stand out.
If you have walked the R2R at Max Creek, you probably saw that there are intersections with blue i’s leading where the trail doesn’t go in some places. Hopefully you didn’t go the wrong way like my wife. That’s a pretty good reason for removable markers instead of paint.
At Taylor Ridge Road Trailhead off Rt 45 There is a spur going straight West and if you look closely there is still some blue paint showing there. Also where you get to the creek and turn left a ways before crossing Max Creek you can see a trail going straight across and blue paint that way. This is trail 437 on Map 14 and is what I traveled today. 435 is also marked with blue i’s it’s entire length and comes out between lot #55 and lot #56 at Cedar Creek Campground. 435 is the one with the memorial to a R2R founder.(A Mr. Pershing)
#437 did not do that deep wishbone looking jog NE shown on the map, it just Crossed Max Creek at that sharp hairpin and I have a photo of a painted I on the old route with a new blaze on the new route both in the photo where they meet.
There is a really nice cave at the North end of 437 not too far from the trail head that’s nearly as deep as sand cave, though not nearly that high. There are some pretty bluffs and creek shots. There would have been a waterfall, but the creeks are barely running right now despite the spotty showers we have been having. A nice shortish day trip. I made the whole loop and was surprised that #437 was marked as least as well as the R2R but the new trail is smoother. #437 is lower and is muddier. It does cross Max Creek 5 or 6 times compared to the one time on the current trail. I didn’t see a bug on me today, thank Permethrin. Enjoy.


I’ll edit this page soon and add the cave location and other details to the map as well as where future hikes will be and the details of the Hutchins creek hike to come. This land was once covered with homesteads and roads.