Side trip to Hogg’s Bluff from Gum Springs Trailhead, inc. Trip upstream at trailhead.

Hoggs bluff yesterday. A nice short hike in and back on an old RR bed, so no hills until the bluff, then pretty steep climb to the top.
You can continue to Camp Ondessonk, or do what we did and head back where we started, Gum Springs trailhead and drive up to Rt45 and East to Ondessonk Road.
You MUST call the number to tell them you want to come up from Gum Springs to Hoggs Bluff, and they will register you, no fee and very friendly. Or you can go to the Office at the camp and register in person. By calling, they can also tell you if something is going on in the camp when they don’t want visitors. I haven’t heard of that, but I don’t think visitors are allowed sometimes when the summer camp is going on.
Enjoy! We also went up the Gum Springs Creek along the bluffs, then drove to Ondessonk and went to the cascades, and back over the suspension bridge. Great short day. The old RR track bed is just across the road from the trailhead East, first road yo the left before the bridge. There is a cable across the road. You must ask permission to visit. Call the number, they are very friendly and helpful. No fee.

The white strip on the East side of Gum Springs road curving North is the old RR grade. The “G” of “railroad grade” is over Hoggs bluff .