10 Tips for better, safer camping.

A few tips to make your tent camping trip more enjoyable. (I hope these were all public domain photos.)
#1. If you are not going to stake your freestanding tent down, do try and put some of your equipment in it. Enough to weigh it down in case the wind comes up.

#2. Remember to leave your tent zipped up. If you are not using a tent, may God have mercy on your soul.

#3. Be aware of hazardous plants in addition to hazardous animals. They can ruin an otherwise great outing.

#4. Try out your equipment before heading out to the woods. Some equipment may conflict with others.

#5. Be aware of your location. Try camping in a higher spot in case of rain.

#6. Consider camping in the forest if allowed instead of a campground. Sometimes they can become crowded.

#7. Use your phone for emergencies only. Enjoy the outdoors.

#8. Bring the proper equipment. Finding out you have left something important at home can be annoying. Think Checklist.

#9. Keep track of your equipment. Leaving something outside can damage things in case of an unexpected rain or snow.

I highly recommend a good ground mat.  A good nights sleep is worth a few extra ounces.

I hope these 10 tips will help you have a great adventure!