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If I were driving to One Horse gap Lake, I’d take the gravel road up from the south that ends up in the middle parking area. The one to the West is rougher and takes you closer to the Gap and R2R trail. The one to the right of the lake is 4wd friendly and what my friend drove to pick me up last trip with his Honda Element.

This trip he drove me up from the North to just above One Horse gap on a service road that only crazy people would drive since some areas you have to scrape a tree or two and transverse a 3 ft deep rut. Normal people can leave their 4wd  about 1/4 of a mile further up the trail.

2012walkabout 0022012walkabout 0032012walkabout 0042012walkabout 005

Definitely horseback and ATV area.

The river to river trail did travel West at one time off the bare rock area above one horse gap. It now travels South from below the Gap. Does a loop back North and comes out at Concord cemetery

Great fall leaf color that trip in 2012.

2012walkabout 0062012walkabout 0072012walkabout 0092012walkabout 012

The trail was soupy in places where the horses & 4 wheelers traveled it, but at least it was mostly a pleasant hike. I was going to try and make Owls Bluff that day.

2012walkabout 0132012walkabout 0142012walkabout 015

Some of these spots would be weeds without the traffic, so it’s a tradeoff really. The map shows a road up to Concord cemetery, but that IS the road pictured above.

Concord cemetery is very scenic where you come out.

2012walkabout 0172012walkabout 0162012walkabout 018

Uphill curving to the left, you come upon New Hope Church which is pretty old looking. The building is getting a little curvy on one side.

Update 10/7/17 They are taking New Hope church down.


There is a horse camp just before Bethesda Church on the right hand side. The second driveway, closest to Bethesda has city water in blue spigots that are free to use. So are the out houses. Just respect their property. The trailhead is just before Bethesda Church. There is a loose signpost shortly on the trail claiming 1 horse gap 2 mi< and Eddyville 8 mi. This is not true at all. It will be many miles before Eddyville. It’s further than 8 miles to the Lusk Creek trailhead.

2012walkabout 021 


14 miles from One Horse Gap to Eddyville according to this sign. The maps & signs don’t always agree to this. Figure about 1 mph average in the Forest, more on the roads. Less on muddy trails.  At the entrance back into the woods is Bethesda Church.

A short way West you will come across this sign laying on the ground or propped against a tree. I think it is supposed to be a couple of miles further along the trail, or that’s a mighty long 8 miles to Eddyville.

Map 6, this sign was at trail 425 (black dotted line heading straight North.)

2012walkabout 033

There are a couple of potentially deep creek crossings.




You did bring water shoes?

I was through this area all the way to I-57 blazing last week. Water was only flowing a trickle.

Not that it needed it.


This is East bound at the first curve  past the next crossing. The River to River cuts left at the curve where the more traveled road turns right.


Just a little further past the  intersection with the bigger forest road is another wet crossing.

cimg0250 cimg0251 cimg0252


The smart money is cross the rocks to the left, not the rotten logs to the right. That’s what I’ll do NEXT time.

There is a big clearing on the other side with multiple trails. The R2R follows the creek to the left.

(10/7/17) The trail is rerouted between Lusk Creek and Owl Bluff, you aren’t crazy. The trail is about the curviest trail in the forest now. I put up some new markers along it after the FS removed them all from the old trail, but never blazed the new trail! When you get to the old forest trail 425, follow it north after it curves but be looking for the new markers to the left. (all the markers have been replaced with the new 2 piece ones )

No more fun until Owl Bluff. Here are some green photos from last week followed by some at leaf change a few years ago.

cimg0266 cimg0267 cimg0269

Do note that the trail is being rerouted the couple of miles East of Owl bluff.


2012walkabout 0392012walkabout 0432012walkabout 0412012walkabout 044

The last was me wishing I knew how far back I was going to have to go.

So I packed up and headed towards the circle B campground/Lusk creek trailhead.

There is a trick to the Lusk creek crossing. It is deep at the official crossing. There are some CCC era stone walls on both sides of the Westbound crossing. Walk on top of the stones on the South side (left westbound) and bushwhack about 20ft down to the rocks and cross dry. Once across WB you will go to the left across a small creek and follow it a short way West along the big trail past the bare spot, then cross the creek back to the right and follow the trail there back East up the edge of the bluff to the top above Lusk Creek and switchback to the top.


This is the bluff you see coming to the crossing and this is where you end up on top of to continue west. East bound is no trouble.

At the trailhead, there are vault toilets and across the road at the circle B, there is a store and a water spigot. I refilled my bottles at the spigot which is in the private campground, but surely they didn’t mind, and headed down the trail towards Eddyville. There are two choices here the old trail that meanders around, or the straight through the trees trail. My knees were hurting from the day before over exertion, so I took the straight through. (The new trail maps show only the long trail as the R2R, but the straight trail is still marked with R2R blazes.)

This year I was blazing the trail for 5 days and only taking a day pack with my wife picking me up at the end of the day so I took the longer trail. It’s well maintained but actually goes North for a lot longer than I liked, then headed South along a low ridge that had peeks of the traffic driving by on RT 145. Nothing really to see worth the extra miles.

2012walkabout 0472012walkabout 049

That last photo is just a tease. In a short time it was back to blacktop again.

I swear it is all uphill from there to Eddyville.

2012walkabout 050

Then came Shawnee Restaurant & Lounge!

After crossing 145 on my way into town, I pass a little restaurant with a HEAVENLY smell of grilled meat coming out. I limped back there and went in for a rest & food. I think I was the only one in there as it was in between lunch & dinner. A real coke, a real hamburger with onions & mustard and fries! And friendly!! I enjoyed every second and got to charge my phone. (It’s for sale now! *sniff*)


2012walkabout 051

Another refill to take with, and I felt good again.  Your mental state really makes a difference whether you enjoy what you are experiencing or tolerating it. I had a good trip the rest of the time.

Back on the road, it is actually the only road to the west out of town. The R2R heads west then the road turns North. It goes past a pretty junky house on the right with 3-4 barking dogs on chains. You are getting close. The road travels on downhill for a few hundred yards then crosses into the woods.


The trail curves to the left around the base of a ridge with a creek to the right. The R2R continues up along the ridge but the white diamond trail to Jackson Hole crosses here in about chest high water. Go on a little further and find a way across without getting wet.

But wait! The next page continues on. The rest here is Jackson hole.

2012walkabout 0602012walkabout 061

I didn’t make it to Jackson Hole with my tent that night because I found a nice spot in a pine woods to pitch my tent. I went on ahead and found the clearing that day, but there wasn’t enough light left to look it over. In the morning when I got out of my tent, I startled a snorting deer just a few yards away. Ok, it startled me too.

2012walkabout 063

Jackson Hole is a very cool place. It is very popular (except with certain unnamed home owners). And several trails meet there. I plan on coming back sometime and circling around to see the cave below the waterfall. (and see the waterfall if it is a rainy day) It’s an easy day drip from Eddyville , but you might want to get a Jackson Hole map from the ranger station and come in the North side past McVickers Cabins Campground to avoid the deep creek if it has rained recently.

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Next Eddyville to Bay Lake to Simpson Blacktop.




7 thoughts on “Page 4 Maps 7, 8, 9 One Horse Gap to Eddyville Some Jackson Hole Photos too

  • I thought I was lost on the new reroute around Owl Bluff (thought I was). Couldn’t tell you how happy I was to see your blaze :). How much extra mileage does the reroute add? It seemed like several miles more till I got to Little Lusk Creek. After coming back here, I definitely had the old map. Your blazes would be helpfull. It’s actually pretty decent walking. Just always nice to see blazes every so often. Forest service must not believe in them because they are terrible.

    • I still haven’t got back there to see where the new reroute actually is. It is supposed to not be that far out of the way by the map. I was also lost several miles.

      • Could you tell me what map the left side of came from. I like that map with the trail numbers in red. On Memorial Day we day hiked a Lusk Creek lollipop route from Stone Bottoms Rd. that included Natural Bridge & Saltpeter Cave. If that map with red trail numbers also had the names of the crossings and tie ups that are engraved on the little wooden signs in that area, it would make navigating a breeze.

        • That map was sent to me by Bill Gilmore of the River to River Trail Society, a closed group. I don’t know where he got it, but I’d buy it in a heartbeat. From what I hear, the National Park Service is working on a new series of free maps to update their websites. If that is an example, this would be the best maps that have ever been available. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope they are the ones coming.

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