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So my wife & I came back here for a day trip to see the Max Creek area. We parked the car in the grass off the side of the road on the East side, I believe it is Hilltop Lane. Not super well marked, just an i and diamond at the road junction with Gilead Church road, and then another where the trail enters the woods. Fine if you are looking for them. There is no trailhead, but you can get off the county road into the grass enough to be ok for a day. We had no problem with the trail, After walking along the trail you make a left (South) down into Max Creek. The Horse trail continues West. The old Block style painted on blue I blazes also continue West here from back when the R2R trail went this way. I know of two different hikers who came from the West and turned back West here and went to the Horse Ranch along the old trail. Follow the White diamond style Blazes to the East.


I actually made the trip back there last week and came in on Taylor Ridge Road off Rt45 from the West. The gravel road is long but decent, the only potential problem is a washed out spot at the bottom of a hill that my Honda got across but dragged the chin pretty hard. You will be ok driving if you have something with a normal amount of clearance like a pickup or SUV. There is plenty of parking where the West trailhead is on the Taylor Ridge Road where it curves in the woods. The trail from the West is decent with the usual weedy spots in the low areas. There are a lot of roses & briars that are starting to crowd the trail that should be cleared sometime soon. But it’s good for now.

r2rSept15 all over 108 West trailhead at curve.

Trail North to Max Creek from West trailhead.

r2rSept15 all over 109 r2rSept15 all over 112

A Blue Racer along the switchbacks down the trail. Saw two of them that day, the other at Gum Springs road. Don’t mistake them for Cottonmouths. They are harmless and beneficial. He was just getting warmed up in the sun.

r2rSept15 all over 121

This was during a dry spell. I think there is a spring under that one part of the trail. If it weren’t for the horse traffic we wouldn’t be able to use or even find some parts of the trail. So just get used to the occaisional muck and tromped up areas. It’s nothing we can’t handle until the end of horse season.

r2rSept15 all over 120r2rSept15 all over 119

My camera SD card is having some issues. The second one I think is the Bluffs at Max Creek. You really can’t get a decent photo until leaf off. The Vortex was messing with my photos of the area again.

r2rSept15 all over 122

Thought this was interesting Three different blazes on the same tree. The old Painted block letter “i”, the wooden diamond, and a newer plastic diamond. None of which were my doing. Ok, I’m sorry I got so carried away at that one intersection. It’ll go away eventually. This was along the Talyor Ridge Road on the way back out.

r2rSept15 all over 123r2rSept15 all over 124 r2rSept15 all over 125

That’s the only place iffy on the road. The old Honda isn’t much of an off road vehicle.  If it can make it, you can too.

I talked to the lady working the Pumpkin Stand at Taylor Ridge Farms just across RT45 from the R2R junction last Fall and she said if people ask permission first, they can park at their farm and Hike from there. I’d call ahead first or drop by if you can. If no one is there you will be stuck parking at Tunnel Hill parking lot a couple Miles out of the way North. There just isn’t anyplace else to park along RT45. (Sorry, I’m not going to publish their number on the web without permission)

You could park at the Taylor Ridge Road trailhead and walk the 2.5 miles West to Goddards Crossing too.








4 thoughts on “Page 6 Map 13, 14 Gilead Church road, Max Creek to Route 45 Via Taylor Ridge Road

  • Just went from Dutchman’s Lake to High Knob last week. Got lost crossing Max Creek and ended going north to the horse camp. Thought I was following your blazes but came to a 3-way with a good sign showing the horse camp straight but no blue i blaze.

    • Everyone gets lost at Max Creek, it’s the vortex! Fortunately the Cedar Creek camp people are great and you really aren’t too far off the trail.

        • On this map, 435 and 437 are old legs of the R2R trail and do have blue i’s painted on trees. Many people including my wife have missed the sharp turn down to Max Creek and have continued to Cedar Lake campground, following the old marks on the trees. It is well marked at the turn but if you aren’t paying attention you can miss it. The Creek itself is pretty, and you can walk along the banks on horse trails that seem to be pretty numerous in the area, being Cedar Lake campground is a horse camp. They aren’t shown on this map. There isn’t a good place to park at Hilltop lane and there is no trailhead there, but you can park with permission at Cedar Lake Campground and hike up 435 to join the R2R. (note, when you get to the R2R from 435, you will be right at the turn down to Max Creek! take it or you will end up at Hill top Lane and not be happy at all. If you see nailed on blazes you are on the River to river trail. It’s about the same distance or you can always take the trailhead at the end of Taylor Ridge Road and hike from the North, though its longer. IF you decide to hike from Cedar Lake Campgrounds, the trail 435 starts between site 55 & 56 I think, to the West of the Office in the West lot.

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