Page 2 Map 3 Lee Mine to High Knob Leg of E’town to High knob hike.


Lee mine (fluorite) is barely even visible on this map, (there at the crook around the last “e” in “Shawnee” on the map) and much less visible on the trail. Just South of the main shaft off the trail next to the creek is an airshaft also plugged. There is a pasture  behind the bluff the mine is up on and the sloped roadbed running up from the road the trail is on. When I was here a couple of years ago there was a great spot to pitch a tent up there just past where the main building was on the former drive way with a nice open sky above. It has grown up a lot since I took these photos., Not really worth the trip up there, but a place to put on the map.


All this talk about road & roadbed is pretty fancy for no more than what is still evident. Yet it makes a nice halfway point for the trip, though you may well walk by the site and never see it. There are no signs at the location and just a faint track where 4 wheelers have used the old driveway slope to access the top of the ridge.

Continuing North you will come to the edge of a field where the R2R turns back North. The trees in the woods to the right all have blue painted diagonal slashes painted on them for no reason that I know. Weird.


You will reach Cadiz Road and head left (west) a short way. The landowner mows his yard West just enough so you can re enter the woods on his mowed grass.

Next you will cross Karbers Ridge road and walk up what looks like a nicely maintained gravel road to a private residence. The trail enters the woods to the right before you get there. Further North is the Battery Rock Junction where two signs make the junction as confusing as a junction of 3 trails can possibly be. Someone has even scribbled more on them since I was here last.



Those signs are gone now and a new wooden forest service sign is up. (yay) I don’t have a photo of it handy.



After the River to river split, you will come to a large junction and gravel parking lot at the end of an access road.  The trail heads West from here.



High Knob made the sign. You are getting close when you reach the abandoned cabins. Only force of habit is keeping them up.



High Knob has some great views. There is also a very nice trail around the base of the high knob bluff. That hiker sign you see on the West side of the High Knob Access road between High Knob and the R2R trail puts you on it. Lots of CCC steps down and up the other side. Looks like there was a camp at the base of the bluff at one time. That’s where they found an old CCC era picnic table made of half logs from the CCC days recently.




Smiling stump is to your left off the retaining wall as you are looking at the vista from the top of High Knob. I looked in vain for the stump but looks like they threw all the cleared trees into the slot canyons below the bluffs. I guess we can’t all be Einsteins. Too bad they ruined those canyons for exploring & photos.

There used to be a fire tower here like the one at Trigg Tower. Nothing but the leg base concrete left but a nice picnic area at the top. High Knob is accessed by driving through the horse campground. Took me awhile of driving back & forth in frustration to figure that one out.

Next is Page  #3 High Knob to Garden of the Gods to the best vista in the Forest.  Look around at High Knob, then head West towards the Garden of the Gods. The trail goes through the camp and across the road through the gate.

JoJo at High Knob Campground is a true friend of Hikers. Stop in at the office for supplies. Showers are available. Camping on her grounds for hikers is free.

She gave me these wise words when I tried to pay her for her hospitality.

“You wouldn’t give the owner of an orchard a basket of apples for payment would you? The Campground is making money. I don’t need money, money I already have. Sit down and give me 5 minutes of your time and tell me your story. I can always use another friend.”


8 thoughts on “Page 2 Map 3 Lee Mine to High Knob Leg of E’town to High knob hike.

  • I am going to take a group of backpackers hiking on the River To River Trail in May 2016. I was wondering if I could be granted permission to use a few of the images from this site for my page.

    • Use anything on the site you want, that’s what it is for. I’m going to take another 3 day trip next week and try the High knob to Camp Cadiz to Battery Rock section. There will be a page for that as well.

    • That’s going to be pretty muddy if it rains the last half of this week, but it’s all good. I’m going to try and get down there and put up some missing blazes from there to High knob, probably if not this week, then it might be 3 weeks.

  • We are planning a 3 day backpacking trip with a Venturing Crew this weekend. We would like your thoughts on the following plan:

    Day 1 Battery Junction to Garden of the Gods
    Day 2 Garden of the Gods to Herod
    Day 3 Herod to One Horse Gap

    I can see from your maps some good camping spots along the way, should we cache water or will we be able to do some filtering along the way?

    Is parking close to Battery Junction and One Horse Gap?

    Would you suggest a different set of trails? We have some new backpackers with us so we can’t be too crazy.

    Thank you so much for your help. We are looking forward to this hike and your blog has been extremely helpful

    • Do you mean the Battery Rock East leg Junction with the South Elizabethtown Leg? There is no parking there to speak of. For a fun 3 day hike, I’d Park at High Knob Campground. Go to the office and ask the owner JoJo for permission and she will tell you where to park. Hike on up to the High Knob observation point, and for a nice warmup, Go back to the brown square hiker sign you saw on the left on the way up and follow the steps to the bottom and hike the trail along the bottom of the High Knob Bluff. It will bring you around the bluff and back up another series of steps to almost where you started on the other side of the road.
      The River to River Trail passes by the front of the Campground heading toward Garden of the Gods, a 7 mile hike. I don’t know the abilities of your hikers, but the High Knob to One Horse Gap sections are my favorite and there is filterable water the whole way, though the area I have marked for good camping between Garden Of the Gods and Herod is on a high ridge with no water, so get water for that night at one of the creeks before it. There is also no parking close to one horse gap, but you can leave a car at the Bethesda church areas Trailhead a few miles further.(only room for a couple there) No parking at the church without permission, and I have no idea how to find someone to ask). Phone service is spotty. I’m not going to recommend parking at One horse gap lake because the trails there are confusing, as are the roads, and it isn’t much shorter than Bethesda church.

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